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Another husband to simp


Idk bout y'all but Max does things to me


I can't stop smiling playing this new update , oh boi a new husbando just appear. 


android ver wont work for me :(


The time I fell in love with the bar owner


smashes desk in excitement

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I'm leaving a comment because it's built 2 out and I'm here to say "first" to exert my dominace. :>


you must T-pose to ascert dominance =p


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Edit: it is just great... 


If there's just one route, then may I ask who is it.


Pretty sure it's Oswald considering how much he interacts and helps the MC out.


WOW! I love what I've seen so far. This is one of my new favorite VNs that I can't wait to see more of. There are so many ideas in my head of where the story would go next, I just can't wait to see whats to come :D. 

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My review may have exceeded the character limit, so I'll be posting it in the comments here.

Hey there, this'll be a bit of a long one, but I wanted to make sure that I got everything down because I'm super excited to see a new, promising VN. I'll preface this by saying that I love the game, obviously, I rated it 5 stars. And I absolutely cannot wait for the next update, but improvement takes time, work, and some critique, so here's a heaping load of my opinions. Also, I am in no way a professional writer or VN creator, I've gone through classes on writing, and I believe myself to have good taste, but take everything I say with a grain of salt, and please don't take my opinions as fact. Gonna be starting with critiques and ending with praises so I don't leave any bad tastes on my way out. 

Alrighty, so I can see a few issues, that's to be expected from a new developer, but they should be pointed out regardless. The most intense, but subjective issue I have with the VN is the 'heavy-handedness' of the writing. Eden Corp protests stuck out like a sore thumb during the opening, I could smell a plot point from a mile away. The hard-light emitters were the only thing described in-detail during the backstage scene, and were left with an odd question mark about their disuse, only to have them immediately used just a few sentences later. The interaction between Adrian and Oswald after the show when they get drinks is very cheesy. "But sir I'm just a humble farm lad, I don't know nothin' about the big city business." And all that. Also, even though it hasn't been revealed yet, I really hope we're supposed to know that the  (I'm just going to call their organization the Underground for shorthand) is a resistance cell to Eden Corp, otherwise it has been made far too obvious at this point. Now, It's true that things coming from nowhere will cheapen tension and suspension of disbelief, but having neon signs pointing to the solution to a problem or next plot-point will just make your audience feel like they're being baby-talked to, and that can frustrate them, on top of killing any tension, when the solution is obvious, the struggle makes the main character look dumb, not like they're fighting an insurmountable obstacle. It's a really thin line to walk, I'm not going to lie, setting up things just enough for them to make sense later but also not become predictable is an art form in it's own right, so just give yourself some time and patience as you grow.

Then there's a few spots where the dialogue is confusing;

"He can only give you later at night for a slot." "...Seriously, that early?"

-Might just be me, but I was having trouble figuring out why Adrian was freaked out on my first playthrough because I  never got the implication that it was the same day as the conversation. Adding 'tonight' rather than 'at night', or having Adrian exclaim "tonight!?" might make it a bit clearer, 

-In the plaza during the sopping scene Dylan says that he'll pay for Adrian's clothes, to which Adrian is shocked.  But a nearly identical interaction is had in the coffee shop, where he says' he'll lend Adrian some spending money for the shopping trip, and Adrian reluctantly agrees.

"A little benefit of not having baked buns for pecs..."

-Might just be a regional thing, but I needed to mull over this sentence for a solid twenty seconds or so, unsure if it was trying to imply a good build or a bad one.

-Just after this scene Adrian 'revels in [his] small display of sarcasm.' I could have simply misinterpreted the previous interaction, but it seemed to be more teasing and compliments on his build than any sarcasm.

"This here is an electronics store. They sell some armlets and phones in there, but it's fused with a surprising amount of cosmetics"

-Even with the line about a lot of cosmetics, this line seems to imply that the store sells things more akin to phone cases and pop-sockets, not glowing hoodies. Maybe rather than talking about it in the general sense of cosmetics, mention something about it mainly being a tech store, that has also branched into clothing design, or about them working towards a synthesis of tech and clothes.

"Cat-hooker got your tongue?"

-The wording is just a bit obtuse unless it's a regional phrase that I'm not familiar with. Hookers have nothing to do with the situation, using cat as a modifier to hooker is odd considering Max being a cat, I just think leaving it as cat got your tongue would make the sentence and concept flow much better.

"Bless your poor, delicate roo heart."

-Again, just an issue with sentence flow, the triple modifier on heart doesn't flow as well as any two descriptors would, and again, the mention of species just seems awkward in context, there's no real relevancy or novelty in the situation.

-Later, when the men are harassing Oswald, Dylan asks what they're doing and attempt to intervene, apparently untrained and unkowledgable about the situation, however, judging by Max, the only other known worker, and Oswald being a part of the Underground it appeared to me that the setup would be that all employees are a part of the Underground, the midnight sun acting as either a front, or simply a place that got hit hard why whatever harassment is coming from Eden Corp,  forcing their workers to take action. Now that's just a theory,  so that's not a real error if Dylan isn't meant to be trained. But I'd say if that's the case, think about how unlikely it is that Oswald, and especially Max could keep this a secret from someone they work with near-daily, especially when they're apparently consistently being harassed by mysterious men, at least, consistently enough to recognize them when they enter.

-I find it odd that Adrian puts together that the men at the Midnight Sun evicted him early, but is then confused why Oswald is calling him. Oswald was very clear that he knew the men, and should then know how serious the threat they made was, if they didn't put that together immediately that would be fine, but the absolute confusion is weird, it should click that Oswald was calling because he was worried about the threat.

"I assume that Ozzy just means Oswald"

-The connection is simple enough that I don't believe it needs to be spelled out by the player, especially when he is referred to by Oz in a previous scene, and it went without any contemplation.

"Preferably when those two blockheads aren't around." "Blockheads?"

-Again, a simple enough connection to not be mentioned.

-Alice's discomfort with being referred to as Alice could be fine, but the fact that she gives no alternative makes the interaction uncomfortable. It kind of seems like Adrian is just not supposed to refer to her at all, which, I'll admit, is very funny.

Whoo! That was a lot, sorry if it seemed like I was being  picky, I just wanted to get everything out of the way so I could do my favorite part uninterrupted; the praise!

The contrast between the opening bedroom scene and the barren apartment scene is absolutely delicious, all hope is lost, the home you knew is now gone. It immersed me so damn well, and god everything felt so barren and lifeless on the return, the emotion was sold incredibly by the art!

Speaking of distress, the bus ride home was written wonderfully, immaculate pacing, word choice, everything. I was genuinely unsure of how much discomfort was Adrian's paranoia and how much was actual surveillance by the Eden Corp guys.

The consistent foreshadowing to the Underground's previous knowledge to Adrian is really well set up, the whole interaction with Adrian and Oswald about Oz doing so much for him gets cut short, but the implication is strong, yet subtle. And Max's pointed "What is HE doing here." Makes is seem more specific than just a distrust of outsiders. I was originally going to add Oswald's immediate trust and liking of Adrian to my list of critiques, but if my theory is right, and Oswald has previous knowledge of him, then it makes quite a lot of sense that he would have already formed one-sided bonds and trust with Adrian. This would even explain Max's immediate hatred for Adrian, I know he's supposed to be a bit of a dick, but I don't think the worst ass would pull some of the shit Max does without having a few pre-made opinions about who they are.

Another foreshadowing thing; I can't wait to see how Adrian is used in the Underground, the consistent setup of him designing his own headphones has been admittedly a bit heavy-handed, but him modifying some tech or making something whole-cloth opens up a lot of really neat possibilities.

Really specific, but I can't lie, I just love it. The foam-carpet mix stuff is so good, not many people get into the mundane changes that the future brings, it's always high-octane high-tech but seeing simple, but understandable changes happen throughout the passage of time really makes this world feel more real and alive.

THE WATCHES ARE GENIUS. Adrian briefly mentioning how little sense they make not only draws the reader's attention to a small background element, but makes the setting feel more real by including flaws, AND lets us know that the flaw is not an oversight on the part of the author. Leading the only conclusion to be that it's an archaic tool, now rendered useless, but only kept around as a needless symbol to separate the wealthy from the poor. DAMN what good world building, when your big bad is a corporation, that subtext on wealth's relationship to status and power only gets more and more tasty.

And here's some things that I'm not certain were intentional or unintentional, but are genius, or could be utilized geniously regardless.

Oswald having the scared sprite when the hard-light projectors are mentioned could just be misread shock or surprise, but considering the fact that they're there, despite the fact that they're not used could imply something much more exciting; them being used in emergency defense protocols in case the Midnight Sun is ever raided by Eden Corp, maybe a dome really could be put over the dance floor, either protecting or trapping whoever's caught init, maybe they could be used for quick cover in case of a shootout, or to seal off an exit so that people already in it can flee without being chased. With remote manipulation, they could be wildly useful for defense purposes

The 'Vita's Sunrise' being the special drink given to Adrian and Oswald is a really subtle nod to the sunrise scene later in the game, considering how common taking someone up to see it appears to be for Oswald, I wouldn't be surprised if Dylan was already shown it and gave it to Oswald to poke fun at his fixation.

 "Make sure to save the good glasses." Has a shitload of potential. Admittedly, as a one-liner it's kind of weak, but considering the circumstances, if it wasn't just a weak joke, it could be a really good code-phrase, telling Dylan to get ready for shit to go down, even if Dylan isn't a part of the Underground, like I discussed earlier, dealing with rowdy clients isn't specific to mega-corporate hitmen, so it could be a pre-discussed phrase regardless.

If Dylan is really a part of the Underground, then this could explain the hefty amount of cash he has to lend to Adrian. With it apparently being somewhere in the thousands, I'm not sure if a bartender would be making enough to be that generous and live as well as he apparently does. But if he's getting a cut of some resistance cell cash? That seems a bit more achievable.

Something unexplained that could be really neat to explore is how is the Midnight Sun still operational? It seems obvious that the men harassing Oswald are Eden Corp goons, and they definitely have the power to fake evictions or trick systems into issuing evictions, so how come they haven't pulled similar strings with the Midnight Sun? Block a mortgage payment from coming through, issue fake police reports, something bad enough to shut them down, hell, pay off a corrupt health inspector to 'find' dangerous cooking practices. How has Oswald stopped this, or what limits does Eden Corp have on it's power?

Alright, that's all. Sorry if this has been ranty, rude or meandering, I'm writing this last bit at 12:30 AM,  so I can't trust myself to proofread properly. But with all I've said, I want it to be clear that it is WAY easier to criticize than it is to create. What you've done so far is frankly incredible, and as someone whose working on a VN right now, I want to say that seeing new creators still working their tail off to make something wonderful is inspiring to say the least. Put simply; you're doing incredible and I cannot wait to read more. This is Talo signing off, be wonderful to yourself!


Absolutely loved this VN, I'm a huge sci-fi and cyberpunk fan so this story and setting is absolutely perfect for me.  Though I have a few questions that I wonder if I could as you?  The main one being, will there be another build and if so when?


There will be another build, but the date is still up in the air, but rest assured, it's releasing very soon.


That's fantastic to hear, and thank you for responding so soon 


Do we have any estimate on when the next update will be? If there isn't that's fine, I'm just curious.


Pretty nice... Enjoyed it a lot! :D

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This VN is really enjoyable so far, but I was wondering will there be different routes to choose from for different characters (like Extracurricular  Activities, Tennis Ace etc.) or will there be one set route (like Adastra or FBTW)?


We'll be going the linear, one route.


Too bad, all the characters that you presented are interesting, pity that not all have a route, I just pray that the only route is Oswald, although I would also like to see Max.




In he goes to my simp list Mr.Oswald




I honestly can't wait to see what the next update is, this game has some serious potential!


My goodness, its first and I'm already scanning for more, I really want more.  I don't think I've returned to this website so fast to find a sponsor page or Patreon before, I might really want to get into this.  Is there one?  Ozz is such a great character, definitely my favorite, his mannerisms really click being so strong and stoic in tight situations but calm caring and relaxing for the rest.  Max has a pretty good character too, guess I'm a sucker for rough personalities, definitely keeping my eye on him.  And meeting Alice my first response was "make friends with this one" she's so much fun I just can't wait to see more of her.  An amazing work of art from great teamwork


Hi! Unfortunately, we don't have a Patreon at the moment, but you can support the VN in other ways! Joining in our discord server and just staying up on the buzz of the VN is a nice way to interact with the team and other readers! We're quite active :3


Dang this is a great first build!I honestly didn't expect the direction this is going in but I really dig it.Also that to be continued fakeout was so funny and I loved the little cameos in that club cg.Im already hooked and I cant wait for more you are one hell of a team.




This is actually the first vn that left me wanting for more :) even if its just the first build


All I have to say is:


That was a really good first build, I did expect the story to go somewhere with that plot thread briefly mentioned in the demo, but it ended up being much more compelling than I expected and I really got to enjoy the setting because of it.
The last scene with Oswald was a bit abrupt, it's something I would've expected to happen later on in the story, but it was sweet nonetheless.
I can also see where Max is coming from, but I hope we'll get to see a better side of him soon enough. Partially because I think he's pretty cute/hot.

Also the little 4th wall break was great and happened at the most appropriate moment possible lmao

Looking forward to the next update 🥺


Hope Adrian gets better and gets the respect he truly deserves. Maybe also knock that Max some sense or two. Oswald is a perfect match to Adrian.


Woow just great, i love this first build, and the plot twist surprised me, I'm really looking forward to following this story. By the way, the music and art on this Vn are fantastic.


yaaay first build!!! altho, already a problem: im still getting an error screen right at the title screen, and i have to click ignore to start :< idrk whats causing it tbh, i figured it was just a Demo Problem.....




I played it, uhhh I don't think there's enough here for me to really have an opinion on it. It just seems like a cool collab project


might play it, sounds intresting


Cant wait for more the mc is pretty hot and I'm hoping there more options for charecters other then the kangaroo in the future 😁 I'm honestly glad to see how this turns out


FYI you can play the windows version on linux as well (since it’s made with renpy), so you may want to say it explicitly.


Oh! Thanks for the info~!


greetings fellow based linux user

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Not much to go yet but interesting enough that I'll keep an eye on it. Good luck and have fun during this project.


This billboard made my day


Short right now, not much to go on, cannot judge fairly at this time.  Only bit I have any issue with is that Adrian mentions he should have gone to the gym more with Dylan, but in picture he has no fat or muscle on him, and I guess because we can't see under Dylan's shirt can't see if he has any muscle.  Just a slight logic/context issue.  Love the art!

Thanks for the feedback! If it's any consolation, what's under Dylan's shirt could be something to look forward to... hehe ;)

I didn't mean pants!, I mean yes, but too soon! XD


It looks very interesting, keep going! :D


it's really good cant wait for more!!!


Now I've got the taste of it, I can't wait for more! 


Aww, no mmobile version:(.... Yet, probably


Well, that's changed!


There's also JoiPlay, which works well


Man this story is already really really interesting!  Loved the visuals and the writing is very good; super excited for more!! (:


Off to a great start! The story is really interesting so far and the art is lovely.

Can't wait to see more of it and how the story will progress <3

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