A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Eden's Reach is an 18+ Visual Novel. 

Eden's Reach is a sci-fi romance Visual Novel focused on the main character's (Default name: Adrian) adventures in Bayline City, a bustling, futuristic seaside city filled with an equally compelling set of eccentric and intriguing faces. What kind of life awaits anyone who comes to this city? Only time will tell...

Written by AzzyFord 

Illustrations by Wild Tapioca and TheBlindOri

Music by FoxxCop and NiimaaVA 

Programming by MarcyDragonWolf

Editing by DarkMega24

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Action
TagsFurry, Gay, NSFW, Romance, Sci-fi


Eden's Reach Build 4 - Windows 222 MB
Eden's Reach Build 4 - Mac 188 MB
Eden's Reach Build 4 - Linux 195 MB
Eden's Reach Build 4 - Android 205 MB

Development log


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For the most part, yeah. Until one part which I believe is close to the end of the latest build.

Cute <3


Does anyone know when is the next part gonna come out 

still have no new info about it, still waiting for it.


I'll give my early verdict:

I like the art, i like the designs, i like the personalities of the team, i like EVERYTHING, I hope and be able to continue seeing more 🙏

Love the character design and the story can't wait for the next update


I REALLY don't like Max


Am I the only one who doesn't trust Benjie? He hates Ellie and treats her like crap while claiming to have a good reason, but she genuinely has no idea why. If it was really a good reason, wouldn't she be aware of it? And if he hates all doctors or something I don't consider that a good reason bc she presumably hasn't personally done anything negative to him. Between that and the time Adrian caught him suspiciously sneaking out in the middle of the night, Benjie is extremely sus to me atm. Benjie asking Adrian to trust him is giving me alarm bells.


it's just the beginning still, don't jump to conclusions


Benjie in a tuxedo

bottom text


I screamed internally when Benjie took Adrian to his room. Why is Benjie so hot man?


bro benjie in tuxedo is so fine omfg im dying for this hot ass man


How many love interests are there in the game?




Is this VN linear in it's husbando choice and it's just Oz, or could we purse other characters like Benjie? I assumed it was just Oz, but the'who to train with' question suddenly made me go "oh shit, this feels like it's asking me my hot guy of choice", so now I'm less sure.


Is it safe to download using smartphone? Had anyone done it before?


Yes, its safe



Updated: 2 minutes ago.

Can't wait for the new update now!


When is the next update??

It was announced that it will release around July 27th


So far, so amazing. When I have the time, I'll write an essay about this. Loving it and loving the update!

Is this SFW? If not, is it gay or straight?


I mean, you can check the tags : TagsFurryGayNSFWRomanceSci-fi


I feel like such an idiot right now, I was just reading the description and not the tags


when's the new update coming out ?


It actually just came out 7 days after your comment


Is anyone else having problems with the discord link, mine says that its invalid :

Uh oh


Really I didn't find that problem

weird. I tried it again today and it worked now lol nevermind I guess

That is definitely weird


Max redemption arc?  >.>

I'm trying to play the VN using a controller but it keeps giving me a error code and exiting to program so that's something you might want to look into although its not a big issue since it seems to be working with my mouse 

(context is I'm on a laptop playing with a Bluetooth wireless Xbox 1 Controller)


go to Jesus and seek forgiveness for this sin


I mean i cant really as that religion doesn't take to well to my orientation but thanks for the suggestion XD

Lol, as an agnostic, I agree. But I get what they're getting at. We are reading a, not only furry, but also gay visual novel...how sinful of us xD


I think they are implying that using a controller to play a visual novel was the sin.

I doubt that as there is no context lol. Plus it's a direct comment to the game, not a reply.

Hey ummm I have a problem with the game like every time I download it on Android I get on it then 3 sec later it just close the game for me 🥲

Don't know much why you would be facing this problem...I didn't experienced before and after the update. Have you tried downloading the new update yet?

I wanna give this game a try, how long is the estimated playtime with the current build available as of now?


Assuming average reading speed, each build should take an hour, and since it is currently in 3 builds, it should take 3 hours!


i sure hope that we will get an estimated date soon, the anticipation is just killing me >~<


I can't wait for mc's training arc to be complete and then assert dominance to Max. If everything else fails I'll spray him with water.


Same here


Hello, azzyford. I like your game very much. I translated it into Chinese. Do you need me to send you a Chinese version?


798674867@qq.com You can email me if you need

Hello, a24837678. Could you please tell me who are you, why can you reply under so many furry visual novels?Someone searched your qq account and found that you are not a furry.


I'm pretty sure this is a bot or something

(1 edit) (+3)

def a bot, they most likely send either a trojan or some sort of virus/Adware saying its a "translation file" so never trust anyone who just randomly translates more than one game out of nowhere saying that they'll send the file



I'm a fan of FVNs, and I'm doing this because I'm not good at posting comments and opinions on the web (because of my lazy bones, maybe), but the comment about "I translated games from those creators" is true , I actually translated more than 20 games in total.

Link:泡澡的inko汉化集 - 淘帖-GameMale

As long as you can understand Chinese, you will find that this is true



I'm a fan of FVNs, and I'm doing this because I'm not good at posting comments and opinions on the web (because of my lazy bones, maybe), but the comment about "I translated games from those creators" is true , I actually translated more than 20 games in total.

Link:泡澡的inko汉化集 - 淘帖-GameMale


I'm a fan of FVNs, and I'm doing this because I'm not good at posting comments and opinions on the web (because of my lazy bones, maybe), but the comment about "I translated games from those creators" is true , I actually translated more than 20 games in total.

Link:泡澡的inko汉化集 - 淘帖-GameMale

Sus meter is all the way up


I don't think the robot will reply to you like that


I didn't come out of the closet


how does that have to play in with game translation?-

bitch nah getouttahere bot

bruh if somebodys inputting code into this bot to make it say things directly from the creator then your hair is the crustiest ass hair ive ever seen, you are a literal discord mod with that desktop setup and those dry ass hands, go get some exercise 💀

if this is not some type of bot then sorry lmao oof :(


I'm not the kind of robot you said. I'm a real person. You can click on my home page

my home page

The game "pervader" has added my translated version to the homepage of itch


Does anybody have an older android version? Ever since an android update last year some vns don't work until I update them to a newer version for some reason

I have the same problem(samsung galaxy a10s) but it crashes at random points.

Idk if this counts but most of the vns i have also crashes (Samsung a10) I tried deleting it but I had the same results


try downgrading your phone's firmware

Would you mind explaining it? I can't find the setting and I've searched it up bit had no results.

There's YouTube videos on how to downgrade your phone


i dont wanna be rude but, is this abandoned, on hiatus, or cancelled? its been like what  a year now....


Maybe Hiatus(?)


Only months

its just an exaggeration 


I don't want to sound rude, just want to shed light on what ER means for us, the team behind it. This always was just a silly idea we had, we still have lives outside of making this Visual Novel. Besides: the last update was in october so not a year ago. if you have more questions regarding why its taking a bit longer then usual feel free to message me on discord. you can find my name (niimaa) in the Edens Reach Team section.


(1 edit)

I having problems trying to play on android, the game closes right at the start, when the red "???" is going to say something. (Samsung Galaxy a12)


I hope he is fine, and always healthy 


Agreed with blaber below. Except the country I am in blocks those sites. (I mean the kind that offers donation with no product/service attached, and patreon/kofi and other things like that and crowd sourcing is all off the table).

I tend to support creators by buying their merch, or weirdly, asking a friend to support them for me in exchange for skins/game sharing on steam XD


if you can setup a payment system here, i'd gladly buy some copies, even if its free. bought multiple copies of games here cause patreon and kofi suck, cant get em to ever work so i buy games here usually.


when will the update come out this VN is not dead right ?


The VN is not dead! It's just taking quite a bit of time to develop the latest build. I suppose that speaks for how important it is, heheh~!






I'm so glad that it is not. I love it! And it would be a regret in life for me not seeing how it ends


The update never exist, kidding


So.. when's the next update?? You left me on a Itching Cliffhanger here. I needed more!

Anyways, the story so far is great and intriguing. And in honesty, the art, well Average. I just find the perspectives, not so great. But not so bad either.


Lods kaylan next update?hinde sa nag aapura ako lods ha?!!

Jk lng lods hahaha ingat palagi lods,i love your game👍


aba aba , ano yan kapatid pareho lang naman tayo naglalaro ng ganito po. :)


May recommendation ako 

1. Knights college

2. Nekojishi

Meron na po me ng ganyan , na complete ko na po... Visual Novelist pa po ako , need ko po papalitan ng drawing tab ko po. Sira na ehh dahil sa oc ko po... WIP and sooner pa :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I submitted eden’s reach last week and it just got approved but steamgriddb.com I have uploaded my first cover for it


it so myseriace (sorry if i spell wrong) i like a story like this and i support this game,pls keep up i be waiting


Do you mean mysterious?

sorry my spelling is bad cus im not using english as my first langue it a third langue

its ok

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