Status of Eden's Reach

Hello Everyone!

Some of you may be wondering what has happened with the development of Eden's Reach, and whether it's being worked on or if it's on hiatus.


I am acutely aware of how much time has passed since the last update but rest assured, it is not without reason. A mix of the personal life of all the team members, coupled with a bad case of writer's block hitting me around the early months of 2022, caused quite a large delay for the build. I didn't want to produce a bad product nor did I want to force anything out of my team members (This will always be a passion project, after all).  Besides that, the coming months have the team coming back in (mostly) full force, so expect an update very soon!



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take your time. most people id dare say know that all good things happens in time. hope you dont feel rushed ever. work at your own pace and never at others


there are things worth waiting for. Such as this VN

on the opposite there are the ring of power...


Good things are worth waiting for. :)


I agree. It's better to slow things down than rush things. 

Quality over haste 👍 hope you are doing well!


Appreciate you guys. Can't wait for the update.


Take your time. Sure, we are impatient to get to know the next part of the story but it is better to take things slowly and have quality content than to rush it and end up with something that seems unfinished. That's what the video game industry has taught me the last couple of years.


its perfectly fine, actually take a break

i mean idk how the life of a vn writer is but i can only imagine how stressful it is, all of that narrating, that storyline brainstorming, the drawing, and the programming would be certain to cause some stress, so just take things slowly :D


Hope you all are well ♡


I'd say writer's block counts as hiatus lol but it's nice that it's over now. My only complaint is that there was a lot of negativity on the server whenever someone asked about an update, which could have been avoided by an earlier public announcement.

You said something about being busy, so we all expected a delayed update, not a writer's block hiatus.. I personally only realized there was something wrong when the artist(tapi i think) was filling my twitter feed with memes xD

Pretty good to hear that! 


thnxx for the inf....