Eden's Reach Build 3

Eden's Reach Build 3 is out!

This build marks the first build of the arc "The Shadows Under Paradise. There's a lot of content to be had here, so do enjoy it~!


Eden's Reach Build 3 - PC 204 MB
Oct 27, 2021
Eden's Reach Build 3 - Mac 169 MB
Oct 27, 2021
Eden's Reach Build 3 - Android 185 MB
Oct 27, 2021

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Not gonna lie, Benjie kinda hot without his jacket on. 


YOOOOOOO i was just thinking about this game. i was wondering if you were still alive and it looks like i get a treat just in time for Halloween too :3 <3

I don't think the update was short but it definitely felt like it! I think i played almost an hour


Thanks for the update ❤️

I died... many times... was beautiful!



omg thank you so much!!! :3